Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love... Its what makes the world go round.

One of my favorite memories is of my younger brother Joel. He was about 7 or 8 at the time, and it still amazes me to this day how someone so young could be so scholarly. My sister was singing some song that went something like "Love, it makes the world go round...", and my brother turned and looked at her, saying "Actually Sarah, gravity makes the world go around."

I will never forget that, and I will never forget how hard I laughed, but the thing I will always remember is how wrong he was. Not scientifically, but in every other aspect, love really is the leading factor in why this world is still functioning.

Why? What stops people from pulling a trigger every time something goes wrong? Love.

Maybe it doesn't stop everyone, but the world is not in total anarchal chaos because some of us step back, take a deep breath, and see human beings as something more than target practice. And this, my friends is all due to love.

I have never been in love with someone else. Not in the way society looks at love anyway... And I don' t think I will be for a long time, not until I'm ready for a committment like that. Because love is something more than that feeling of butterflies, or the constant need to be around someone. Love delves deeper into the soul, an absolute surrender to someone other than yourself. To give everything you have in order to make someone else happy. Love is to be willing to give as much as your own life to save someone else. And as of now, there is only one person I know who has done something like that for me.

I want to be in love right now. But not in love with just anyone, in love with my savior. He longs and yearns for us to love him as much as he loves us, to give all our attention and our very lives to him. If you have ever experienced love in a relationship, you have experienced the love that Christ has for us. The absolute need to have that person's love in return, and the absolute sorrow when they do not fulfill that need. I want to be in love with Christ.

Its so hard these days to give up everything we have to serve him, but to think that he gave up everything he was to save us, makes my excuses meaningless. Why can I not give this love back, this absolute longing he has for me always goes unnoticed. I take it for granted that someone has died for me, and why? Because I am a human being that has more flaws than I care to count. And he still loves me anyway.

This love that gave him the reason for his sacrifice is inexplainable. My words are meaningless dots on a page. It's something you have to experience, something I see everyday in the actions, words, and just pure love of my family and friends, and its that love that keeps me here, its that love that keeps my world turning.

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  1. wow, all I can say is wow, I too fathom when I will find love. I thought I had it, but slipped outta my hands. I guess ultimately its with Christ. I can relate, right now, trying to figure myself and figure out love. Its in the music I do, the good works with Church, and making effort to pray and trust in God and Christ. Hopefully, god or mama Mary are sending signals or signs to the next lady in mind. I have to say when you sing Felicity it brings warmth and inspiration with music n prayer. Anyways jus wanted to comment, I will pray for you and those soul searching on meaning of love to them. many blessings to you.